No Skull EP release

On Friday, October 11th we released our debut EP on CD and tons of digital platforms ( Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, Bandcamp, Itunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Apple Music…so many more I can’t remember now).

The CD release show was held at the Avenue as part of GTG Records annual GTG Fest, a 3 day event featuring some of Lansing’s best underground independent rock. It was great to have so many of our favorite hometown acts on the same bill.

We volunteered our gear for a backline for the night, so we had to get there early and I’m glad we did because my slow ass would have more than likely missed the opening band Silktail.

Silktail might be one of my favorite Lansing bands now. Giving off a real 90’s vibe kind of on the edge of shoegaze but with a bit more power and really great songs. I hope to see more of those guys around.

Lansing’s weird metal vets Cavalcade were great. I always enjoy playing with and talking to those fellas. This night they were celebrating Halloween a bit early dressed in animal masks and rocking a rad cover of the Ramones song Pet Cemetery. As usual, very entertaining.

I was happy to watch Rites of Gaia, my brother’s band, rip through a quick set of well arranged post punk songs. Great grooves and killer drumming. Love that band.

I didn’t get to watch Disappointed Dad as much as I would have liked because we were setting our gear up. I will say Josh David stripped down to his undies, ran around, ran outside, ran into people and yelled some stuff at me that I couldn’t quite make out. So, everything I would expect from him. What I did get to see was really good and entertaining.

It was a great night with a really good turn out and we all had a blast. I missed a lot of bands hanging around with friends I hadn’t seen in a while and sneaking out to the car with my wife to eat Jimmy Johns and sweet treats from Dusty’s Cellar. The food and sweets we packed really helped me make it to show time! On a normal night I am in bed by the time our set was scheduled for, so the cannoli really lifted my spirits to rock levels.

I really want to give thanks to all the folks at GTG Records for all their hard work. We had an amazing night for our record’s release with lots of friends and we sold a bunch of CDs. I attribute much of this to the GTG crew.


-Ryan, No Skull

October 13th 2019.

P.S. The next day (Saturday October 12th) I went to the Record Lounge and caught Neighbor Kids (funny anti folk) and Ouch My Shoe! (that’s my son and his Dad’s band) who were great! Then today (Sunday October 13th) I just went up to Mac’s Bar and caught Sleeping Timmy (Who were great! Hadn’t had a chance to see them till today and was pleasantly surprised) and The Stick Arounds who were particularly energetic tonight. Best I’ve seen them play in a while. Again, great nights and great friends. GTG Record’s crew really puts on a good fest.

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